Thanks for choosing YesKatana!

Thanks for choosing YesKatana!

We focus on forging well-performing swords which includs Japanese katanaEuropean swords and traditional Chinese swords.

we also provide an advanced customization service to ensure you can find the katana or sword you desire here.

YesKatana supplies swords to many e-commerce websites seller around the world, including large shopping sites seller and many independent websites seller.

Today we sell directly to customers through our online channelwhich means we can offer the same quality with a even better price.

YesKatana keeps the pursuit of professionalism, all our swords are forged under traditional processes with a focus on meticulous craftsmanship right down to the minute details.
We will do our best to ensure good quality, good service and good price.




Company Address:14042 NE 8TH ST STE 201C, Bellevue , WA 98007-4145,United States

Contact Number: +1 6462475753


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