You can refer to the katana parts diagram below and send us your customization requirements

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Overall length (including Sheath):  101-103cm
Overall pattern Customer Provide
Part 1 Blade  
Blade length:  option1:71-73cm
  other size: extra $50-$100,over 90cm is not available
Blade Max thickness:  0.6-0.7cm
Blade Max width:  3.2~3.8cm
Blade Material:  option1:T10 steel  1095# steel
  option2:Manganese steel
  option3:High carbon steel
  option4:Spring Steel
option4:Stainless Steel
   option5:Damascus Steel
Heat Treatment: option1:Oil quenching Overall quenching
  option2:Clay-tempered Zone quenching

 Different heat treatment is suitable for different types 

of steel, we will help you choose

Blade sharpness  option1:Sharped
Part 2 Handle  
Handle Material:  Wood  wrapped
Handle Samegaw option1:Artificial leather
  option2:Real ray skin (extra $30)
Reference pattern Customer Provide or choose one in our shop or google a pic
Materials Wood painted
  Wood wrapped ray skin extra $100
Reference (Custom)pattern Customer Provide or choose one in our shop or google a pic
Tsuba material option1:Brass extra30$
  option2:Pure brass extra30$
  option3:Alloy metal extra20$
  option5:Goleden panted extra80$
note: It is not recommended to choose materials separately,we try to find a finished Tsuba product; the cost of separate customization is very high.
Tsuba pattern Customer Provide or choose here
Kashira Fuchi Seppa Menuki We will give you a set based on Tsuba
Habaki material Brass or Pure Copper or Alloy metal
Other  customized  
Engraving patterns Customer Provide
Engraving fee Normal  5$,Complex extra 10$
Box  No box,extra 50$
Bags  No bags,extra 30$
Holder No holder,extra 30$


About the price

Customisation to achieve personalised requirements is an expensive process.
our pricing will vary based on the amount of customisation required.
Regular customization: $220+
Medium customization: 300$
Premium customization: 500+$ 
The price listed above is an estimation. Actual price will depend on material and customisation chosen.

*Logistics prices and customs duties are not included

About the time
Production time: generally in 2-4 weeks, the specific our engineers will evaluate the feedback to you.
Logistics time: estimated at 10-14 working days, some areas may be delayed

About the shipping country
Now most of Europe and the United States are supported

About Returns
Customised good cannot be returned with the exception of damages caused during transport.
In which case the responsibility will fall on the logistics company and the goods may be returned.

If there are any changes in the customization process, we will contact you by email to resolve any issues
 with the aim to provide you the best possible product.

Which can not be customized
1the surface of the knife blade, not a flat
For example, this.

Because we are forged to do, if it is not a flat surface is difficult to forge, this sword is and metal 3D printing or wood 3D carving
2made with gold and silver
Because international logistics can not transport precious metals
3Any blade longer than 90 cm, because it is difficult to transport internationally

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