We find this question quite strange, but we understand that some are worried about the quality of our products as our turnaround time is fairly short as compared to competitors.

First, we’d like to address that not all swords have the same production period. The order preparation time is dependent on two factors: whether we have the required parts available and whether we have an adequate number of craftsmen working.

Here are some examples of premium custom-made swords and their estimated production time:

  1. Customer A wanted a Katana with a special sheath design. The estimated time of production is 14 days (2 weeks).
  2. Customer B wanted a Damascus steel sword. The estimated time of production is 60-70 days (2 months).

Unfortunately, we are unable to show the design due to proprietary reasons.

For all other non-custom-specific swords, we usually prepare inventories in advance. (For example: for our anime replica swords, we have 25 styles. 10 styles are from One Piece and the other 15 styles are from Demon Slayer. Since these 25 styles have consistent long-term demands, we prepare an excess inventory of the parts in advance.)

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