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Customer service never replied and I never got the item I ordered 3 mths ago.

Not received yet

It still hasn’t arrive. Tracking says it is still in California.


The article never arrived nor did I answer the claim that was made since September 6

Did not get product

We have been waiting and waiting for this product. Wondering if this company is a scam. They don’t respond. We have been tracking it and it’s been in California for a week.

Sent to completely wrong address.

Whoever packaged and shipped the product did not put my address on the shipping label. This is despite my order having the correct shipping address listed. I have reached out to YesKatana, but have yet to hear back.

Perfect design

It's as fine a sword that was made or was never made. Perfectly balanced angelic and deadly.

Customer Service not existent and Was not sent what is on the order

Ordered a Wakizashi and everything is off from the colors, to the blade and the scabbard; does not match what is on the order! Additionally have emailed 3 weeks ago and no response. To further add, called the telephone number I was texted for service and it goes to a shipping company that does not help with this seller.

Never received

I cant reveiw an item that i did not get

Never received

Never received the stand, company said they resent it about two weeks ago, still haven’t seen it. Tracking says it is awaiting label

Beautiful work

When the sword arrived I was blown away by the beauty and craftsmanship involved. Will definitely order again

Good looking

Slightly thin, very sharp/pointy. Otherwise, very beautifully made.

Handmade High Carbon Steel Full Tang Real Japanese Katana With Yellow cypress Sheath Clay Tempered #1195


It literally got delivered in NY, not the shipping address I put. I contacted their service email and no reply and haven’t gotten my refund. Do not buy it’s a scam.

Handmade T10 Steel Full Tang Real Japanese Wakizashi With Rosewood Scabbard Clay Tempered#1527

Excellent condition.

Rate? Never Received and No Response to My Messages

I wish I could rate this item, but it never arrived. I tried messaging and sent two emails but this request to rate the item is the first communication I’ve received. It was a Christmas gift and I had to buy something else. Very disappointed and apparently out $99.00!

When I hopefully and eventually receive the item, I would be happy to fill this survey out again.

I am sure it will be here soon. In fact the tracker said it will be here tomorrow before 6 p.m PST (Los Angeles region). Once the item is received I would be happy to submit a correction.

Very nice looking.

I was very pleased with the detail it has. Came pretty quick, packaging was great. From ordering it to receiving it was a easy and smooth process.

Air soft build.

Outstanding seller fast shipping and a wonderful product.

Please help Still have not received my katana

First one showed up with the handle stolen
YESKATANA said the would ship another but Shipped it else where.
But not here not to my address , the only address on my account and now no one well correct this
I paid money please help

Rough shape

The wood was cracked and the blade itself is scratched, chipped, and slightly rusted. It was this way out of the box. I was really looking forward to having a new katana but this was really a let down.

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